What is The Roger?

A new online magazine that redefines the lifestyle and shelter magazine by focusing on the one place we spend the most time: work. By showcasing creative workspaces, the companies, and professionals that inspire them, The Roger brings new insight and ammunition to perhaps the most important question of our time – “What do you do?”

What’s inside?

Each issue is different and our focus may shift from time to time but overall you can expect feature articles about incredible office spaces, style guides that make you rethink your work wardrobe and insightful interesting coverage of people and places that are refashioning the way we work by doing it in a very cool way. We can at the least guarantee that something inside each issue will inspire you.

Why online?

Most of what we do today revolves around being online or at least being some form of plugged in. While we love print, the world today consumes it’s content online and those are the types of people we spend a lot of time with and writing about! More importantly, you can’t read print at your desk very discretely.



Creative Director

A born creative, Alexis’s love of photography and drawing has translated to an expansive career in print media, branding, and digital advertising. Never one to miss out on a Jets game tailgate, this self-proclaimed appetizer aficionado is a perfectionist to the max. Her visual artistry is a force to be reckoned with,  just like her infectious laugh.

Photo Editor

All the way from Colorado, Sam brings her innovative eye and masterful camera skills to The Roger from Crispan Porter + Bogusky. Having previously worked at 5280, she loves to shoot food (and eat it) and has developed a love of capturing fantastic interiors through her lenses. She’s an Instagram prodigy, traveler at heart, and advocate for all things gluten-free. 

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Though she left I-Banking and won’t ever go back, Alexa’s conquering of a fast-paced, 20-hour-work-day lifestyle while developing entrepreneurial projects and a mean right hook showcases her ability to work hard and play harder. A tennis champion and accomplished DJ (aka. Flex), she brings a can-do, fiery spirit to every business plan, clay court, and international backpacking adventure she finds herself on.

Founder & Executive Director

A die-hard Saints fan, Joanna is a native New Yorker with serious southern charm. She’s worked for non-profits, production companies, and big apple start-ups, and has a passion for creative professional environments, the quest for work-life balance, and Italian cooking. She brought her big ambitions back to NYC from her beloved NOLA and she’s here to stay.